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Sesame oil extraction machine

How to Extract Pure Sesame Oil from Sesame Seeds?

Before you start making sesame oil by sesame oil expeller equipment, sesame seeds should be pretreated and cleaned in advance to get rid of impurities by certain cleaning equipment.Baked fried to the best state by hot blast air frying.Then the pretreated sesame seeds could get pressed by our professional sesame oil extraction machine. The sesame oil extraction machine is a specific model designed to extract sesame oil, its vacuum filters with help filtering the extracted sesame oil.
sesame  oil extraction machine process
Sesame oil extraction machine process

The complete sesame oil extraction machine includes five parts:cleaning,hot blast air frying(hot press), pressing, filtration, and precipitation.For clients' question of sesame oil press of cold press or hot press,this is the brief introduction.

Hot press : fry the sesame before pressing
The advantage of hot pressed sesame oil extraction machine:
1.fragant smell
2.deep color
3.high yield
4.less residue
5.easy storage
6.without solvent residue

The disadvantage of hot pressed sesame oil extraction machine:
1.acid value increase
2.less nutrition than cold press,beacause the bioactive substance such as vitamin lost in pressing process oil should better be refined
screw oil press machine
Screw oil press machine
Cold press:without frying
In general,temperature of cold press should be under 60℃ so that nutrition can be save to an extreme.
The advantage of cold pressed sesame oil extraction machine:
1.high nutrition
2.light color
3.frying without bubble in cooking

The disadvantage of cold pressed sesame oil extraction machine:
1.moisture content is not stable problem because of uncertain moisture content
3.sometimes need to be second or third press

Relevant parameter of sesame oil extraction machine:

Raw Material Raw Material In-feed per 24 hours (KG) Oil yield Per 100kg of Raw Material(KG) Dry Cake Residue(%)
Rape Seeds 1900-2400 30-35 7.5-8
Ground Nuts 1900-2400 35-45 7
Beans 1800-2300 10-14 6.5-7
Sesame Seeds 1900-2400 44-47 6.5-7.5
Why Choose Henan Doing CompanySesame Oil Extraction Machine?
1.Wide application for various vegetable oil seeds.
2.Simple design and easy operation.
3.Continuous working with low noise.
4.High rate of oil yield.
5.Energy saving
6.We can offer hot pressed and cold pressed sesame oil extraction machine

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