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Peanut/groundnut oil press production line

Peanut /groundnut oil press production line is the major cooking oil production line.Peanut /groundnut oil press production line are advanced oil processing machinery ,characterized by high technology, high quality, low price. Peanut/groundnut oil press production line can be used for making peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, cottonseed oil and corn germ oil.

Work flow of peanut/groundnut oil press production line:

Raw materials →Cleaning→ Crushing →Softening →Flaking →Cooking →Pre-pressing →go to extraction section

peanut oil press processPeanut /groundnut oil press production process flow chart

Peanut/groundnut oil press production line introduction:

a. Cleaning device: remove the various impurities in peanut/groundnut, such as: iron, stones, clump, such as the plant leaf, clean up till impurity content does not exceed 0.2%.

b. Crushing machine: In order to meet the requirements of crushing,during in the peanut/groundnut oil press production line, the peanut should be broken into small pieces.

c. Softening machine: the purpose of softening in peanut/groundnut oil press production line is to adjust the moisture and temperature of oil, and make it soft.

d. Flaking process: rolling raw material into flakes, and the purpose is to increae surface area, destroy the peanut cell tissue, shorten the way of oil out from cake.

e:Cooking machine: use steam cooking, inject direct steam and cook the flakes to meet the requirement of oil press.

f. Pre-press: press the flakes to leave about 16%-18% in the cake. The cake will go to solvent extraction workshop.

peanut oil press production linePeanut /groundnut oil press machine

Peanut/groundnut oil press production line advantage:

1.Our peanut/groudnut oil press production machine have the high quality and high performance. we use the stainless steel instead of the carbon steel.

2.We are the cooking oil manufacturer ,we can guaranteeing the quality of peanut /groundnut oil press production machine;

3.Our welding workers have get the certificates. Henan Doing Company produced peanut/groundnut oil press production machine with high quality;

We can offer all kinds of cooking oil press production line. We also undertake turnkey solutions for premium large scale peanut/groundnut oil press production line. As a professinal and reliable peanut oil making machine manufacturer and supplier in China with decades of experience, we can offer all-around services from peanut oil mill plant designing, process customizing, peanut oil machine manfuacturing, on-site debugging and installing. Please tell me your raw materials, daily capacity, requirements of final products, so that our engineers can recommend for you according to your demands.

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