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Maturing tank/maturator

Features of maturing tank/maturator we offer:

Maturing tank1. Stainless steel case
2. Anti-corrosion
3. Stable performance
4. High efficiency and energy saving

Maturing tank/maturator offers suitable condition for waxy crystal growth, including batch and continuous, same with crystallizer/crystallizing tank.

The main part of continuous maturing tank/maturator is a dish-bottom, plain-top, and jacketed column. Transmission drives mixer shaft slowly(rotate speed depends on oil quality and waxiness content), which promote oil convection in column. Liquidometer is equipped outsiade maturing tank/maturator, which helps to control flow to stablize crystallizing efficiency.

dewaxing/winterization/fractionation workshop maturing tank

Dewaxing/winterization/fractionation workshop
In general, dewaxing/winterization/fractionation process needs maturing tank/maturator difinitely. However, not all oils meed dewaxing/winterization/fraction, which is to say, if oil needs dewaxing/winterization/fractionation, such as rice bran oil, palm oil, soybean oil, etc, maturing tank/maturator is difinitely needed then.

Except maturing tank/maturator we can also offer tanks to store oil and oil seeds. We provide whole line of oil processing, including prepressing, pretreatment, solvent extraction, refining, dewaxing/winterization/fractionation.
Different oils need different process to get best oil yeild and oil quality. Our engineers can help you choose most suitable line according to your material, capacity and requirements. If you want to know more about oil processing plant. please feel free to contact us.
Fractionation workshop
Fractionation workshop

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