Process of soybean oil extraction photo


Process of soybean oil extraction

Soybean is the most common oil seed in the world, usually soybean oil extraction is one time oil extraction, that is, soybean seeds goes directly to oil extraction after soybean pretreatment without pressing, because soybean oil contain is low.

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Material for soybean oil extraction :  flaked soybean , thickness about 0.3mm
Chemical used for soybean oil extraction:  Solvent N-hexane
Soybean oil extraction types:  batch soybean oil extraction(using extraction tanks for small capacity) or continuous soybean oil extraction ( Rotocel oil extractor, loop type oil extractor or towline oil extractor etc)


soybean oil extraction machine
Soybean oil extraction machine
Energy consumption in process of soybean oil extraction plant (per ton of flaked soybean)
Electricity consumption:                                < 1.5kg/T
Solvent consumption:                                   < 1.5kg/T
Water consumption:                                      < 20kg/T (recycling)
Water contain in soybean meal:                   10.5~13% (adjustable)
Oil contain in soybean meal:                         < 0.8%
Solvent in soybean meal:                              <500PPM
Solvent in crude oil:                                       <200PPM

loop extraction machine
Loop type oil extraction
Soybean oil extraction process:
Flaked Material→Extraction → Wet meal DesolventizerCooling Dry meal packing
Mixed oilFilterEvaporationCrude soybean oil
After pretreatment, flaked soybean will go to oil extractor to extract oil with solvent N-hexane . After oil extractor, we will get mixed oil and wet meal. Solvent will be evaporated from mixed oil through evaporators and cooled down inside condensers. And wet meal will be dried inside desolventizer and solvent is transforming into gas and evaporated.

inner side of rotocal ectraction machine
Rotocel extraction machine

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