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Oil mill machinery pretreatment/press process
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Peanut oil pretreatment line

Features of peanut oil pretreatment line:
1. Stable performance, high capacity
2. High process ratio
3. Unique design for each customer
4. Newest technology and automatic

peanut oil production line
Peanut oil production line

The oil content of peanut kernel is 44-55%. Some customers’ peanut have shell. The process of peanut kernel and peanut with shell is different. According to the raw material, we can design the suitable line for each customer. The main function of the peanut pretreatment is to move the impurities and adjust the peanut for getting high quality oil.

The usual peanut seed pretreatment/press process as follows:
1) Magnetic:The first step is to move the iron in the peanut, because the iron will harmful to the following machines.
2) Cleaning: After going through the cleaning sieve, the impurities in the sunflower seed will be cleaned.
3) Husking machine: The husking machine is to move the shell of peanut. The purpose of moving the shell is to improve the quality of oil and cake.
4) Separator of shell and nut: The shell and nut will be separated by the separating sieve.
5) Dryer: After separating the shell and nut, the nut will be dried under 60℃. Then the water content will be less than 4%.
6) Crusher: Peanut belongs to big size oil seed, so it need be broken down to small pieces. The function of the crusher is to increase the area of oil seed and make the tempering easier. The peanut is divided to 6-8 pieces and the water content of crusher is 7-12%.
6) Flaking roller: After the flaking roller, the thickness of cake is about 0.5mm.
7) Cooker: The cooker helps to adjust the water content of the material to 6-5kg/cm³. It also can improve the oil yield rate.
8) Oil presser: The crude oil is got by oil presser. After moving the solid impurities in the crude oil, the oil will be clean.

After the peanut pretreatment/press equipment, the cake also can be extracted oil by solvent way or refined the oil to the best quality. The peanut oil can be made to different types. We can help you choose the suitable one according to your market. If you want to know more about it, please contact us.

We can provide 5-2000T peanut oil pretreatment/press equipment. According to your capacity and market, we will design the suitable line for you.

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