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Oil seeds puffing machine

puffing machine
Puffing machine

What is puffing?
Puffing is a process,using puffing machine to do some heat and moisture treatment with powdery or flaky material after flaking.Through mixing , extrusion, Vacuum puffing, drying and other physical and biochemical processes , to make the material to be mature embryo, to improve the oil yield or get feed in good quality.

Why puffing is necessary?
Compared with other processes , puffing has those function, high efficiency, energy saving, improve the quality of crude oil and meal.

What is the principle of puffing ?
After extrusion and puffing, oil seeds cells are damaged completely , the grease evenly spread and cohesion , formed into a strong and mature embryos, improve dissolved permeability, greatly improving the efficiency of oil extraction , increased production capacity .
Types for oil puffing machine:
There are many kinds of puffing machine, can be divided into soybean oil puffing machine, rice bran oil puffing machine, high oil pre-press oil puffing machine
,and tissue proteins oil puffing machine and so on according to different treatment for different oil seeds.
In addition to puffing process, different kinds of oil seeds may also need cooking, softening, flaking , drying and other processes to get the most Oil yield and meal of better quality.
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