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Softening pot
Softening pot

Softening process is only focusing on several kinds oil seeds, like the soybean , colza etc. These two are commen seeds is always required softening. But for the peanut, sunflower seeds, cottonseeds, if it is has some special use, the softening is also necessary.

What is the machine purpose of the softening?
Softening is used for processing the crushed oil seeds or small grain oil seeds , to adjust them to fitting moisture and temperature , it is good for improving the materials plastically. The main function of the softening is avoiding too much powder and sticky roll during flaking. At the meantime, it can tempering the oil seeds moderately.

What is the main softening methods?
There are two kinds softening methods, one is adding water and heating method, the other is heating and anhydrating method. The former method is main suitable for low oil content or low moisture oil seeds, like soybean, and it is also used for processing the oil seeds which is high oil content , but the shells hard or high cellulose, like the canola, flaxseed etc. For this softening method, we need to add a hot water or injecting direct steam. But for most kinds high oil content oil seeds, like the peanut kernel, teaseed kernel, sunflower etc, because their texture is soft, we will adopts the latter softening method, it is also called cooking , during softening we just need to heating ( adding a very little direct steam) ,
or without softening section, they can flaking directly.
Our main products are cooking oil production line, for the softening, our engineers usually according to the customers materials and requirement to chose it .

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