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Oil seeds cleaning equipment

 oil seeds cleaning equipment

Oil seeds cleaning equipment

For every kinds oil seeds , before pressing or solvent extracting , they are required to clean.

Why do we need to clean the oil seeds?
1. Reducing oil loss , inproving oil yield.
2. Improving the quality of the cooking oil and by-product.
3. Alleviating the abrasion of the machines,.
4. Avoiding the production accidents , guaranteeing safety production.
5. Improving the effective handling capacity.
6. Reducing the dust in the workshop.

What are the cleaning methods?
1. Screening cleaning : it is utilizing the differences of the grain and impurities size, shapes, densities , by the mean of sifters holes' sizes, length-width ratio etc. to separate the impurities which is  greater or smaller than holes sizes. The commen cleaning machines are precleaner, seif-balancing shaker screen, round screen etc.
2. Winnowing cleaning: It is according to the oil seeds and impurities' densities and suspended velocity are different, utilizing the wind power to separate the dust and other Light impurities.
But it is usually not single use, it is always used with the screening sieves, the single used cleaing machines are suction apparatus and wind classifier etc.
3. Magnetic cleaning: it is utiling the magnetic force to removing the metal impurities.
4. Specific gravity cleaning: it is utilizing the oil seeds and stones, clod impurities' densities and suspended velocity differences, the oil seeds was moved on the surface of the sifters, unders the function of the wind power and vibration, removing the impurities. Main machines are  air-suction specific gravity stoner and combination of cleaning sieve etc.
Our main products are cooking oil production line, for the cleaning selection , our engineers usually according to the customers materials to collocate it .


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