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Prepress equipment

prepress equipment
Prepress equipment
Why do we need to prepress oil seeds ?
Oil seeds prepress is aim at processing high oil content oil seeds and large capacity. Because the solvent extraction method can extract 22% oil out maximum . But as we know, like the peanut kernel, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, cottonseed kernel, palm kernel etc. other kinds oil seeds, the oil content is about 35%-50%. If you want to process them by solvent extarction method, it will require the prepress line.
For processing large capacities high oil content oil seeds, we will prerpess 20%-30% oil out. During oil seeds prepressing section, we will get a part of crude oil, at the meanwhile , we can can get another kind product, that is prepressed cakes . There is 15%-20% oil in the cakes, then we will adopts solvent extraction method to extract the rest oil out.
Our oil seeds prepress line capacity is 30tons--2000tons per 24 hrs. Regards the details, welcome to discuss with us further.

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