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Shelling machine & husking machine

shelling machine & husking machine
Shelling machine & husking machine

General speaking: the shells content exceeds 20%, these kinds oil seeds are required to shell. They are cottonseeds, sunflower seeds,tea seeds, safflower etc.
Why do we need to remove the shells?
1. Improving oil yield. Because there are very less oil in the shells, if we don't remove them , they will absorb the oil out from the kernels during pressing or prepressing section.
2. Improving the crude oil and cakes quality , for example , reducing colors, acid value, waxiness etc, especially for the cakes quality, at the meanwhile, the various antinutritional factors in the shells are removed, it can improving the cakes feeding value and edible value.
3. Reducing the damage of follow-up machines, like crusher , flaker, oil press, extending the machines service life.
4. Effectively increasing the follow-up machines handling capacities and lowering the power consumption.
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