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Solvent extraction plant

As we mentioned before, the oil residue is less than 1% by solvent extraction method, it is usually used for processing large capacity oil seeds.

Solvent extraction plant
Solvent extraction plant

What is the principle of the solvent extraction ?
Solvent extraction method is utilizing the solvent which can dissolve the oil fat, through wetting, permeating and molecular diffusing principle to extract the oil out from the oil seeds, then separating the crude oil from the miscella of oil and solvent.
Solvent extraction plant can extract the 20% oil out maximum, this is why required some high oil content(30%-50%) oil seeds prepress a part oil out out before materials enter into the solvent extraction plant.

What kind oil materials can be processed by solvent extraction method?
Solvent extraction plant can process low oil content oil seeds and high oil content oil seeds. But the processing methods are little different. For example, low oil content oil seeds,like the soybean and rice bran , their oil content is 18%-20% . General speaking , after pretreatment , they can be solvent extracted directly . Their processes are : oil seeds pretreatment---solvent extarction---oil refining(de-waxing). But for the high oil content oil seeds, like peanut , sunflower seeds etc. their oil content is about 30%-50%, it is too high, we need to prepress a part of oil out, like 15%-30% oil out, then we will use solvent extraction plant to extract the rest 15%-20% oil out from prepressed cakes. Their processes are oil seeds pretreatment---prepress--solvent extraction---oil refining(de-waxing).

Why do some many oil producer like the solvent extraction method?
The main reasone is solvent extraction method is very efficient, the final residue is less than 1% , it can help the oil producers get maximum profits.
At the meanwhile , for soybean and rice bran oil processing, most people choose solvent extraction method , that because in solvent extraction process , the temperature is not to high , it will not destroy the protein content in soybean and rice bran, it means the oil producers not only can get maximum oil , but also can get high protein cakes which is a good materials to make animal feed and other products.
However, there is a advice we have to warn to some customers, even solvent extraction plant is very efficient,  but in some countries, the solvent extraction method is not allowed to use by their governments , or it is not be accepted by local consumers. So we suggest the customers according to their local market and condition to choose processing method.
Our daily solvent extraction capacity is 5tons-1000tons. Welcome to contact with us.

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