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Crushing machine

crushing machine / crushing plant
Crushing  machine
Crushing process is not required for all kinds oil seeds , it focus on big size grain, like peanut kernel, soybean, copra, prepressed cakes etc , they are required to a certain size, then effectively processing by follow-up processes flaking, pressing or prepressing.
What is main purpose of crushing ?
1. Increasing oil seeds surface, it is good for absorbing heat and mosture during softening.
2. It is good for feeding during rolling and pressing, it is god for improving the flakes quality and handling capacity.
3. Guaranteeing the flake roll machine running well, reducing failure rate.
4. Crushing prepressed cakes, it is good for permeating solvent and extracting.
What is the requirement of the crushing requirement ?
1. Without oil outlet and stick together, less powder.
2. The crushed piects are epigranular and comparative size. Forexample, the soybean should be crushed -8 pieces,peanut kernel should be crushed 6-8 pieces.
Our main products are cooking oil production line, our engineers usually according to the customers materials to collocate proper crusher.

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