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Why does oil press is used for processing small capacity oil seeds ?
As a investment matter, compare to the solvent extraction line, the oil press line is more economic. For example , for high oil seeds processing, a complete line includes 4 parts by solvent extracting method: oil seeds pretreatment---oil prepress--- oil solvent extraction---oil refinery (de-waxing). However, by pressing method, the complete line is includes 3 parts: oil seeds pretreatment--- oil press --- oil refinery(de-waxing) . If when we process small capacity high oil content oil seeds , if you chose solvent extraction method, it means you need to add another solvent extraction line, at this time, choosing the oil press line will be more economic, it will reduce you total investment.
However, we are not meaning oil press is only can process small capacities oil seeds , it is also can press large capacity like 300tons, 500tons, 600 tons per day etc. That because in some countries, the solvent extraction method is not allowed to use by their governments , or it is not be accepted by local consumers.
What kind of materials can be processed by oil press ?
Oil press is very popular in the whole world, it is also very traditional, it can press all the common oil seeds , such as sunflower seeds, peanut/peanut kernel, rapeseeds/Canola, cottonseed, palm kernel , soybean, rice bran etc.
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Oil press

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