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Mixed oil evaporation and stripping system

Mixed oil evaporation and stripping system is an important part of large-scale oil solvent extraction plant such as soybeans, peanut, rice bran, etc. The principle of mixed oil evaporation and stripping system is to use the difference between the boiling points of the solvent and oil to evaporate and strip the miscella. The system can be divided into four parts: filter, first evaporator, second evaporator, and stripping tower, and the processing steps are as follows.

Mixed oil evaporation and stripping systemMixed oil evaporation and stripping system configuration diagram

1. The mixed oil usually contains a small amount of solid suspended meal, which can be removed by filtration, centrifugal separation, and gravity sedimentation.

2. After filtration, the mixed oil is pumped into first evaporator, which operates at vacuum. First evaporator can utilize indirect steam from D.T.D.C system as heat source, which efficiently saves energy.

3. After first evaporator, mixed oil is heated by crude oil from stripping tower, and then sent to second evaporator for second desolventizing, whose heat source is also indirect steam.

4. After second evaporator, mixed oil is sent to stripping tower, which operates with direct steam at vacuum, reduces volatile content less than 0.3%.

oil extraction plantMixed oil evaporation and stripping system

Features of Doing mixed oil evaporation and stripping system:

1. High efficiency: Excellent desolventizing performance, low solvent residue in oil.

2. Save energy: Stripping tower utilizes indirect steam from D.T.D.C. system and waste heat from steam-jet pump as heat source, which saves 20% energy.

3. High quality: Low temperature creates final oil with better quality and lower solvent residue.

4. Economical: Mixed oil evaporation and stripping system enhances oil quality and reduces refinery consumption, reduces space for condenser and needs less investment, decreases 15% production cost.

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