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6YL-30 sesame oil press

We use 6YL-30 sesame oil press machine to expell sesame seed oil. 6YL-30 sesame oil press is specially used for expressing sesame seed oil, rapeseed oil and other oil seeds.6YL-30 sesame oil press is light in weight, convenient and easy to operate. Before pressing, the 6YL-30 sesame oil press should be warmed up for 5-10 minutes. Then the cooked sesame seeds are fed into cage for pressing.During pressing, great friction created between seeds and press worm, thus the seeds move forward and create huge heat which further pushes the protein broken and the oil easily pressed out. 6YL-30 sesame oil press special design saves much time at pressing as the oil is pure enough for direct use and need no oil refining.

sesame oil press machine

Sesame oil press machine

Our 6YL-30 sesame oil press for sale is screw driven oil press which can be used to extract oil from vegetable seeds and nuts for edible purposes. It can process a wide range of oil materials such as castor seeds, peanut, soybean, hemp seed, sunflower seeds, jatropha seed, sesame seed, palm kernel, cottonseed, coconut, corn germ and so on.


Our sesame oil press machine can extract a wide range of oil materials

Technology parameters of sesame oil press machine:

Automation Grade :Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Usage :Soybean Oil, Peanut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Edible Oil
Material: Steel, Cast Iron
Capacity:15 TON / 24 Hour

Sesame oil extraction machine introduction :
If you are searching for sesame oil press machine for start your own sesame oil business, you are in the right place! We manufacture a wide range of oil extraction equipment including sesame oil extraction machine, filter press,sesame oil refining machine and oil machine spare parts. To ensure well operation and long service life, our machines are made of premium materials and are widely applied for the extraction of edible or cooking oil. Our vegetable seed oil extraction machines have high capacity.
sesame oil extraction line
Small scale sesame oil extraction line
Sesame Oil Extraction Process

There are three ways to extract oil from sesame seeds effectively through the use of sesame oil extraction machines depending on the desired flavor, texture and more importantly, the preservation of nutrients.

Cold-pressed Sesame Oil Extraction Process
Sesame oils produced using the cold-pressed extraction process contain the most natural form of the oil. With its faint and mild flavor, the oil's naturally high level of antioxidants are also best preserved, and the process’s prosaic effect promotes better shelf life. Sesame oil extraction machines administer the precise amount of force to crush the seeds and apply a good amount of friction to heat the seeds naturally. The machine's expeller mechanism then keeps the oil at temperatures not higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit which is why oils produced this way are called cold-pressed.

Hot-pressed Sesame Oil Extraction Process
The hot-pressed sesame oil is best known for consumers who want the oil with better flavor and a more fragrant aroma. Due to the heating process, the oil has a darker color, and overflows and foams when heated for cooking. This can be remedied, however, through filtering. Sesame oil extraction machines cook the seeds at perfect temperature to degenerate protein and create quality hot-pressed sesame oil with the best flavor.

Solvent-extracted Sesame Oil Extraction Process
Sesame seeds which undergo this method are theoretically said to produce oils with the least nutrients because of the rigid refining process (edible oil refinery plant). Some manufacturers further refine sesame oil through solvent extraction to improve the texture although consumers prefer buying the cold-pressed or hot-pressed varieties. Due to the low oil residual, sesame oil extraction machines maximize the extracted amount that manual techniques cannot do so.

Sesame oils are highly beneficial for the human body. They contain natural contents of nutrients that can improve health processes and they taste and smell great. However, due to the delicacy of sesame seeds towards the extraction process, manufactures employ the help of sesame oil extraction machines to prevent wastage of quality sesame oil and improve its supply so that a bigger market can enjoy the benefits of sesame oil.

We are one of the reliable companies in this domain and are into offering a wide array of Sesame Oil press machine, sesame oil solvent extarction plant , sesame oil refinery plant to our precious customers. This Sesame Oil press machine is widely appreciated by our patrons for its optimum performance and less maintenance. Offered product is extremely easy to operate.

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