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Rice bran oil pretreatment machine

Rice bran pretreatment is the first step in rice bran oil extraction process. Rice bran is prone to rancidity and is difficult to preserve, and the oil content is low, about 15-20%. Therefore, for maximum oil yield, DOING company recommend customers to pretreat rice bran first. After pretreatment rice bran is easier to produce oil and can be stored for 10-15 days.

rice branRice bran

The following picture shows the machine used in rice bran pretreatment.

rice bran oil machineRice bran pretreatment machine and working process flow chart

1.Cleaning machine: Cleaning machine can be divided into magnetic drum and cleaning sieve. Magnetic drum is to move the iron in the rice bran, because the iron will harmful to the following machines. Cleaning sieve can remove impurities in rice bran.

2.Separating machine: Using a bran&tips separation screen to separate rice bran and rice ground rice.

3.Conditioning machine: Adjust the temperature and humidity of rice bran to the best condition for the solvent extraction.

4.Puffing machine: This is the special machine in rice bran oil pretreatment machine. This machine make the rice bran to pellet. The pellet is easy for absorbing solvent and get oil by the solvent extraction way.

5.Dryer: After making the pellet, the water content of rice bran need be changed to 7-9%. This water content is most suitable for solvent extraction section.

After pretreatment, the rice bran can be transport to solvent extraction workshop, you can click to read more about the rice bran oil solvent extraction machine.

rice bran solvent extraction machineRice bran oil solvent extraction plant

Features of DOING rice bran oil pretreatment machine:

1. Stable performance and durable

2. Efficiency and easier oil extraction

3. Customized capacity

4. Latest and automatic machine

5. Best service: designing, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training your workers.

DOING company has professional engineers and rich experience. If you have any questions about rice bran pretreatment and solvent extraction, please leave a message and we will be pleasure to answer your questions.

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