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Automatic sunflower oil making machine/oil extracting machine photo


What can palm oil be used for?

Introduction of automatic sunflower oil making machine:
The sunflower oil making machine is used to extract all kinds of oil. Normally, the oil getting step is as below:
Cleaning→crushing →roaster →oil pressing →oil filtering→oil solvent extraction →oil refining

sunflower oil making machine

Sunflower oil making process machinery

If you want to get the rude sunflower oil , only oil pressing step is ok, if you want to clean the impurity from the oil , oil filter machinery is needed. Of course if you want to get the advanced and high quality oil ,the final oil refinery machine is needed.

After this process, you will get cooking oil and meal. At present, Four grade of edible oil is available, and different oil grade have different requirement for quality and machines.

This is automatic sunflower oil making machine which is equipped with oil filter. One machine insteads of 2 machines.

oil presser

Cooking oil presser machine

Capacity of automatic sunflower oil making machine:
We can supply semi-continuous oil press equipment for 2-30T/D and continuity sets of oil equipment for 30-3000T/D. According to the customers requirement we can provide cooking oil press machine, cooking oil pre-press machine, cooking oil solvent extraction machine and cooking oil refinery plant. Any part of this edible oil producing line can be provided by us.

Raw material of automatic sunflower oil making machine:

oil seeds

Our sunflower oil making machine can process the oil seeds in the chart

This automatic sunflower oil making machine for coconut oil ,are also be fit for almost all of the grain seeds can be pressed to make edible oil, such as corn, soybean, peanut, sunflower seed, flax seed ,coconut ,palm , rape seed.sesame, Olive, walnut,cocoa bean.,rice brain ,cotton seed ,castor seed and so on.

Advantage of automatic sunflower oil making machine:
(1) Simple design, small volume and light weight, easy to handle and move.
(2) Easy for operating, low labor intensity and high economical profit.

Feature of automatic sunflower oil making machine:
1.It is easy for people to learn, understand, and operate because of its small size. Besides, it is no special requirements for people to operate.

2.It costs less various expenses with lower electricity consumption in use.

3.The machine is comprehensive machine with filter machine, high oil yielding rate and pure oil quality.

4.The machine adopts automatic control system, automatic preheating control and automatic pressure control.

Oil machine structure & spare part of automatic sunflower oil making machine:

oil machine spare part

Cooking oil machine spare part

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