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Cleaning machine

Oilseeds cleaning machine is of great importance in the oilseed pretreatment process and later procedures. Generally speaking, oilseed cleaning machine is widely used in various kinds of oilseeds,such as peanut,soybean,sunflower seed,cottonseed,rapeseed and so on.

Features of cleaning machine we offer:

1. Reasonable structure
2. Stable performance
3. Easy to operate and maintain
4. High efficiency and energy saving

Cleaning machine
Cleaning machine

Why do we need to clean the oil seeds?

1. Reducing oil loss , inproving oil yield.
2. Improving the quality of the cooking oil and by-product.
3. Alleviating the abrasion of the machines,.
4. Avoiding the production accidents , guaranteeing safety production.
5. Improving the effective handling capacity.
6. Reducing the dust in the workshop.

What are the cleaning methods?
1. Screening: Based on different granularity(width, length, thickness) of oil seeds and impurities, screening seperates impurities with sieve pore. Common screening equipments are fixed sieve, vibrating screen, rotary screen, etc. According to the shapes and sizes of oil seeds and impurities, we can select most suitable sieve.
Cleaning machine
Screnning - cleaning mchine
2. Winnowing: According different suspended velocity of oil seeds and impurities, winnowing remove impurities by wind power.
winnowing machine
winnowing machine

3. Magnetic Seperation: Magnetic seperation is also one cleaning machine is used to remove metal impurities. In general, there are two types magnetic equipments, permanent magnetic pulley and permanent magnet.
Magnetic separator
Magnetic separator
4. Water separation: Water seperation is to flush dust on oil seeds with water. Meanwhile, different matters have different sedimentation velocity in water, thus water can also remove impurities such as stone, sand, iron ,etc. Mixed mud also loose to fine stuffs by water, which prevents dust floatation efficiently.
water separator
water separator
5. Mixed mud/stone seperation: Mud/stone with same shape, size, gravity as oil seeds, or minor difference, is named mixed mud/stone. The content of mixed mud/stone is especially high in rape seeds, soybean, etc, which couldn't be seperated efficiently with winnowing.
Specific-gravity stoner
Specific-gravity stoner
6. Delinter: Linters on cotton seed or other oil seeds, can be used in production of somkeless powder, celluloid, artifical fiber, etc. Therefore, delinting is an essential process in cotton seed oil production to higher oil yeild and extra income.

For different oil seeds, cleanning machine needed also change. Our engineer can help you choose the most suitable cleaning machine you need according to your raw material condition and requirement.
In general, every oil seed need cleanning machine before further process; cleanning machine doesn't only remove impurities in oil seeds, but also prevents mechanical harm to latter machines caused by mechanical impurities.

However, different oil seeds have different processing method and we can help you design specialized processing line according to your material, if you want to know more about oil processing plant, please feel free to contact us.
Pretreatment workshop
Pretreatment workshop

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