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Rotocel extractor machine

Rotocel extractor machine is one of solvent extractor types, which is widely used in extracting oil from pre-pressed oil cakes. There are other two types of solvent extractor machines used in vegetable oil solvent extraction plant, and they are suitable for different input capacities:

1. Leaching tanks used for processing 10-20 tons oil cakes material.

2. Rotocel extractor machine used in processing 30-300 tons oil cakes material.

3. Loop type extractor machine used for processing oil cakes materials of 500 tons and above.

So the rotocel extractor machine is the most usually used in the vegetable oil solvent extraction plant, and it is the key component in the whole vegetable oil extraction process.

rotocel extractor machine Rotocel extractor machine

The features of rotocel extractor machine:

(1) High oil yield, low residual oil rate in the meal.

(2) High quality meal, improve meal's nutrition and use value, and the meal can be directly used for feed or additives.

(3) Low processing cost.

(4) High level of automation.

(5) Adopt negative pressure evaporation, production at low temperature, and the oil quality is good.

(6) Rotocel extractor machine with very strong adaptability. It can adapt for different materials for production.

rotocel extractor and loop type extractorRotocel extractor machine and loop type extractor machine

Leaching process of rotocel extractor machine:

The leaching process of rotocel extractor machine is using a kind of high material layer counter current leaching technology.

When leaching, firstly use the material sealed material embryo auger evenly feed the material embryo into FEED grid according to production requirements. And then the material embryo will be sprayed by the solvent, and then drained, next washed with fresh solvent, and finally drained out the meal.

After leaching, the cell memory is full of materials. Along the direction of rotation turn around, you can feed continuously to complete a cycle in order to achieve continuous production.

The production technology requirements of rotocel extractor machine:

1. The charge capacity of the material lattice is 80% -85%.

2. The material temperature when dip is 50-58 ℃, and the leaching temperature is above 50 ℃.

3. The solvent temperature is 50-55 ℃.

4. The cycle operating time of the rotocel extractor is 75-120min.

5. The soluble material ratio is 1: (0.7-1.3).

6. The amount content of solvent in wet meal is 15% -40%.

7. The residual oil rate of oil seed meal is generally less than 1%.

rotocel extractorNigeria customer's cooking oil solvent extraction workshop installation picture

The operation points of rotocel extractor machine:

1. Before driving to check all piping, valves, instrumentation is airtight, smooth and sensitive. And idling check the motor drive to make sure normal.

2. Drive commissioning, and make sure everything is normal when pumping fresh solvent;

3. When the oil collection bucket is filled with fresh solvent up to a certain location, start rotocel extractor machine.

4. When the material is fully filled in the first leaching embryo cell to the next position sprinkler pipe, the sprinkler pipe valves sequentially turn on to start spraying until all valves open. At the same time, observe the material lattice spray penetration, any time to adjust the size of the spray volume.

5. Pay more attention during the operation of the above process operating parameters, especially the solvent mixture of oil flow, feeding meal is normal or not, and the leaking circumstances of each part, in order to solve the problem at any time. Adjust solvent if necessary in order to ensure to achieve a residual oil meal indicators.

The common problems and solutions of rotocel extractor machine:

1. The rotating body is abnormal, beep or sudden stop running:

The reason is the chain slack or partial or full loss, reducer fault or sprocket sealing, etc.

2. The sound of scraper increases when transporting meal:

The reason is that the hopper blanking is not normal, wet meal contains excessive moisture and solvent, steam offline blocking materials, or scraper mechanical failure itself.

3. Under the hopper bypass:

The reason is that the hopper overflows into the mixed oil or aqueous solvent resulting in poor cutting.

4. Mixed oil concentration is not high:

The reason may be that self-circulating spray amount is too small, fresh solvent is not enough, leaching temperature is too low, or poor permeability leaching time is not enough to affect the oil.

5. The material embryo can not fully impregnated:

The reason is excessive or solvent feed ratio is too small, too small mixed oil circulating spray, or the moisture content of feeding cakes is too high.

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