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Biodiesel oil making machine

1.Environment friendly
2.Renewable energy
3.High biodiesel oil yield rate
4.Suitable for various material

Biodiesel oil making machine

Interesterification /esterification is the most popular way to make biodiesel now. All kinds of oil, such as plant oil seeds, animal oil and waste cooking oil, can be made to biodiesel. There are two kinds of catalyst. The catalyst is decided by the acid value of raw material.

For the low acid value crude oil, the alkali catalyst is used. Under 60-70℃ and 1 Mpa, the reaction is going with alkali. After the reaction is finishing, the left methanol will go to distillation column and be recycled. The methyl ester will go to rectifying tower to get the pure biodiesel.

For the high acid value crude oil, it’s need go to pretreatment section first. The function of pretreatment section is to move the impurities, gum, color and so on in the oil. After pretreatment, the oil will go to the esterification tower to react. Under 50-100℃ and 0.5 Mpa, the oil is changed to biodiesel.

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More and more countries are interested in the biodiesel oil making machine. Many countries have the policy to encourage the biodiesel industry. The raw material is different in various countries.
In Europe, rapeseed and sunflower oil is the main materials. In America and Brazil, the soybean is the popular material to make biodiesel. There are much palm oil in Malaysia, so the palm oil is the main material there. Some of Asia countries, such as China, Japan, etc, will use the used cooking oil as material. You can choose the material according to your situation.

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