Stripping tower

Oil Mill Plant Oil Extraction Process

Stripping tower utilizes negative pressure to evaporate solvent at low temperature, which reduces solvent leaking, decreases solvent consumption and enhances oil quality.

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Edible Oil Extraction Plant Products

General oil seeds

  • soybean oilseed
  •  peanut oilseed
  • sunflower oilseed
  •  corn germ
  • sesame oil seed
  • canola oil seed
  • rice bran oil material
  • palm oil

Features of stripping tower we offer:

oil extraction plant1. High efficiency, excellent desolventizing performance, low solvent residue in oil.
2. stripping tower utilizes indirect steam from desolventizer toaster and waste heat from steam-jet pump as heat source, which saves energy, reduces space for condenser and needs less investment.
3. Low temperature creats final oil with better quality and lower solvent residue.

Stripping tower saves 20% energy, enhances oil quality and reduces refinery consumption, which decreases 15% production cost.

How stripping tower works?

Oil mixture is pumped into first evaporator, which operates at vacuum. Thus first evaporator can utilize indrect steam from desolventizer toaster as heat source, which efficiently saves energy.
After first evaporator, oil mixture is heated by crude oil from stripping tower, and then sent to second evaporator for second desolventizing, whose heat source is also indirect steam.
After second evaporatoe, oil mixture is sent to stripping tower, which operates with direct steam at vacuum, reduces volatile content less than 0.3%.

oil extraction plant
In general, stripping tower is necessary to large scale oil extraction process, such as soybean, rice bran. etc.

However, different oil seeds need different equipments to process. Our engineer can help you design most suitable line according to your material and capacity. If you want to know more about oil processing plant, please feel free to contact us.
oil extraction plant
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Edible Oil Extraction Plant Products