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Desolventizer toaster is a desolventizing device for flake extracted, widely used in general small, medium, large scale oil plant.

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Edible Oil Extraction Plant Products

General oil seeds

  • soybean oilseed
  •  peanut oilseed
  • sunflower oilseed
  •  corn germ
  • sesame oil seed
  • canola oil seed
  • rice bran oil material
  • palm oil

oil extraction machineFeatures of desolventizer toaster we offer

1. Excellent desolventizing performance
2. Huge handling capacity
3. Low power consumption
4. Low steam cost
5. Easy to operate and maintain
6. Saving in material

Desolventizer toaster is composed of main pot, predesolventizing layer, desolventizing layer, drying layer, dasher, gearing, and automatic loading device, which desolvent and dry wet flakes with direct and indrect steam.
desolventizer toaster

1. Predesolventizing layer:

In predesolventizing layer, heating plate helps evaporate part of solvent with plenty of heat.

2. Desolventizing layer

The shell of desolventizing layer is steam jacket, while several holes(d=2.5mm) exist on the bottom, though which inject direct steam(0.05-0.1Mpa) to heat and desolvent wet flakes. Desolventizing layer is 2.3-2.5m height, while flakes bed depth should be controlled in 0.8-1.8m. Because of high bed depth, steam injested though holes on the bottom can contact cake completely, which creats excellent desolventizing performance.

3. Drying layer

Drying layer is only 700mm height, which is also equipped with steam jacket on the bottom. Drying layer utilizes indirect steam(0.5Mpa) to dry wet flakes.

4. Dasher

Dasher is composed of a vertical mixer shaft and 7-layers different reamer. 1 two-arm reamer lays in the bottom of redesolventizing layer and drying layer, which stir and soften cakes to uniform loading cakes. There are 3 layers reamer in desolventizing layer; the top one is two-armed reamer, which diaperse cake from predesolventizing layer on the cake bed; the middle is one-armed reamer, while the bottom is two-armed reamer, which soften cakes, prevent steam short circuit and enhance desolventizing performance.

5. Gearing

Gearing drives at bottom; mixer shaft links with reducer though coupler and is driven by motor.

6.  Automatic loading device

Predesolventizing layer discharges by itself; when bed depth reaches scheduled height, discharge door open automatically.

7. Solvent

Solvent vapo comes out from top of desolventizer, and separates from wet cake by wet fines catcher and recycled after cooled by condenser.

In general, desolventizer toaster is an essential part to all solvent extraction to get high quality meal, especially soybean oil extraction process. Because soybean is the top 3 oil seeds in the world.

However, different oil seeds need different equipments to process. Our engineer can help you design most suitable line according to your material and capacity. If you want to know more about oil processing plant, please feel free to contact us.

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