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Edible Oil Extraction Plant Products

Ukraine sunflower seed oil extraction machine

sunflower seed oil extraction machine

Sunflower seed oil extraction machine workshop

The sunflower seed oil extraction machine/plant was installed in Ukraine country, this customer is mainly process sunflower cake to extract sunflower oil, but this sunflower  seed oil extraction machine can process soybean cake, groundnut cake, rapeseed cake, maize cake at the same time.
Doing Group manufacture the sunflower seed oil extraction machine according to the customer’s requirement, this plant include rotocel extractor for solvent extraction, DT desolventizer toaster, evaporator for miscella and cooling system for recycling the n-hexane solvent.
Doing Group not only provide machinery, also turnkey project service for the customers.
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sunflower seed oil extraction machine   
     Ukraine sunflower seed oil extraction factory


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