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Rice bran oil dewaxing machine photo


Rice bran oil dewaxing machine

Rice bran oil is different with other vegetable oil, containing too much wax. Normally crude rice bran oil contains about 0.06-0.1% wax, The exist of wax will make bad effect on oil taste and transparency,especially when cooking, this oil will have smoke and strong smell, so wax must be removed after rice bran oil refining.Rice bran oil refining plant includes rice bran oil refining machine and rice bran oil dewaxing machine.

Rice bran oil dewaxing process:
Crude rice bran oil⇒heating ⇒ heat exchanging⇒ Cooling ⇒crystallizing ⇒maturating⇒ filtering ⇒ heat exchanging ⇒ final edible oil

rice bran oil dewaxing machine
Rice bran oil dewaxing machine
Main rice bran oil dewaxing machine:
1. Cooling system
2. Heat exchanger
3. Cystallizers
4. Maturators
5. Filters

Features of rice bran oil dewaxing machine
1.Before dewaxing, crude rice bran oil is stored inside oil tank, oil temperature is always lower than wax, then part of wax is already sepatated which is not good for crystallization. In order to make good result of crystallizing, Then crude oil need to be heated and make wax dissolved completely inside crude oil.
2. Cystallizing should be  at a certain speed to make oil cooling even ,mixing if necessary, this process can not be too fast
3. After cystallized at a certain temperature, oil is cooled down , mixing is stopped, rest long time for maturating to make wax pacels grow big. Maturating period is about 12-16h.
4. After maturating, oil will be filtered by vibrating filter. Better to use two filters alternately to keep continuous working.

After dewaxing, we will get edible rice bran oil by this complete rice bran oil refining plant ,meeting national standard.

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