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Palm kernel oil processing machine

Brief introduction of raw material:

palm kernelPalm kernel and its oil content

As we all know, oil palm is a kind of important tropic oil seed plant. The oil content of the oil palm is very high, palm fruit: 46%-50%, palm kernel: 50%-55%. Usually there are many palm oil mills in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Liberia, etc. After palm fruit oil pressing, crude palm oil and palm kernel with fiber will be got. Many people choose to sell palm kernel to others. In fact, palm kernel oil is more valuable than palm fruit oil, and it can be used in many industry.

The introduction of palm kernel oil processing machine:

Henan Doing Company can offer complete line of palm kernel oil processing machine, including cleaning, palm kernel cracking and shell separating machine, crushing, cooking, pressing and filtering.

◆ Palm nut cleaning:

palm kernel oil processing machinePalm nut cleaning machine and polishing machine

It is used for removing the iron impurities, stone, fiber and others. These impurities are bad for the following palm kernel oil processing machines, especially for the palm kernel oil expeller machine.

◆ Palm kernel cracking and kernel & shell separating:

palm kernel oil processing machinePalm kernel cracking and separating machine

The palm kernel cracking and separating machine is used to crack the palm nut and separate palm kernel and shell. It is designed by DOING engineers, in order to improving the palm kernel and shell separating efficiency. It can be sold solely.

◆ Palm kernel crushing:

palm kernel oil processing machinePalm kernel crashing machine

Because the palm kernel is hard and big size, it is required to crash into smaller pieces and easy to be pressed by palm kernel oil expeller machine.

◆ Palm kernel cooking:

palm kernel oil processing machinePalm kernel cooking machine

The cooker is used to heat and cook the crashed palm kernels, to make it suitable for pressing. Doing like this can help customer get the maximum oil and good quality cakes.

◆ Palm kernel oil pressing:

palm kernel oil press machinePalm kernel oil expeller machine

Palm kernel oil pressing is similar with usual oilseeds. Only one difference is the oil expeller machine. The palm kernel oil expeller machine should be more wear-resisting. [Read more: Can I use one machine to produce palm kernel oil and groundnut oil?]

◆ Crude palm kernel oil filtering:

palm kernel oil filter machineCrude palm kernel oil filter machine

After pressing, there are some oil dregs in the crude oil. After clarifying, we need to filter the crude oil to avoid to jam the oil pipes during refining processes.

The introduction of Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd:

doing companyDOING Office and DOING Factory

Doing Company also undertakes turnkey solutions for premium large scale palm kernel oil processing plant. As a professional and reliable palm kernel oil processing machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we can ensure the machine quality and you can get best services and favourable price. Welcome to contact us!

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