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Cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing machine photo


Cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing machine

A cottonseed oil production line consists of cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing machines. Among them, cottonseed oil pretreatment machines include cleaning machines, husking machine, kernel & shell separating machine, flaking machine, cooking machine. And cottonseed oil pressing machine has two kinds: oil press machine and oil pre-press machine. The later one is used to get part of oil from cottonseeds, and then the pressed cake will be sent into cottonseed solvent extraction plant.

cottonseed oil production process flow chartCottonseed oil production process flow chart

From the above cottonseed oil extraction process flow chart, you can clearly understand what I said in first paragraph. Next, it will be the brief introduction of every machine used in cottonseed oil production line.

cottonseed oil production machineCottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing machine

As the picture shows, cleaning machine has three, magnetic drum, cleaning sieve and destoner. They are used to remove the impurities from cottonseeds, but have different working principles. The task of magnetic drum is mainly to remove iron, and prevent damage from other machines. Cleaning sieve and destoner are mainly to remove other kinds of impurities, like straw, stone, etc.

Other machines on this picture are to adjust the cottonseeds into best condition for pressing, and the main function of them is to increase the final oil yield.

After processing by cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing machines, the pressed cake also can be processed by cottonseed oil solvent extraction plant, and the crude cottonseed oil need to be refined in cottonseed oil refinery plant. If your budget is enough, the two later plant are both worth building, because you can produce more high quality product cottonseed oil that can be sold in supermarket directly.

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