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Palm kernel oil refining machine photo


Palm kernel oil refining machine

Small scale palm kernel oil refining machine of Doing Company adopts advanced and scientific refining method and totally stainless steel deodorization tank to make sure the good deodorization effect.

palm kernel oil refining machineSmall scale palm kernel oil refining machine of Doing Company 3D picture

This kind of small scale palm kernel oil refining machine can also be designed into totally stainless steel if you need, but the price will be a little higher. Its input capacity is suitable for 1-10 tons per day, and the working process is batch type, which need workers to operate based on the requirement.

The palm kernel oil refining process contains four processes: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization.

palm kernel oil refining processPalm kernel oil refining process flow chart

Degumming process: Palm kernel oil is low gum content oil, similar with palm oil. So adding a little P-acid can remove the gum out.

Deacidification process: Add alkali to neutralize with free fatty acid in palm kernel oil.

Decolorization process: Use white clay to absorb the pigment of crude palm kernel oil, and then the waste white clay will be sent into leaf filter to be removed.

Deodorization process: Crude Palm kernel oil deodorization process also called distillation process. It is using steam to take the odors off, and at same time, some part of free fatty acid will also be taken off.

These are the chemical refining method used in small palm kernel oil refining machine. If you want to build large scale palm kernel oil refinery plant, physical refining method is more suitable. The difference is the deacidification process. Large scale palm kernel oil refining machine has deodorization tower, in which the steam will take the free fatty acid and odors off totally.

palm kernel oil refining machineThe deodorization tower of large scale palm kernel oil refining machine

Henan Doing Company is very professional cooking oil refining machine manufacturer in China. Our equipment has been exported to many countries all over the world. The engineers will design suitable refining technology and the equipment according to your needs. Welcome to contact us!

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