The plate filter---cooking oil filter machine photo


The plate filter---cooking oil filter machine

Doing company is specialized in oil machine for more than 40 years.The plate filter is an essential part of oil press line. There is a detailed introduction about plate filter.

1.Structure is made of Q235 high quality carbon steel. It adopts automatic welding, solder side is flat, weld-joint is solid and durable, it can perfectly avoid distortion. It has reached the advanced technology in Europe and the United States.
2.Main-beam is processed by high speed centrifugal sand blasting to remove rust and iron oxide scale, then painted by epoxy micaceous iron primer to get better rustproof and corrosion resistance effect.
3.Side bar is covered by stainless steel 304 shell to protect itself from wearing. The smooth surface of shell also make plate shifting more easily.
4.Plate is made from PP. It is tasteless and non-poisonous, safe with food and pharmacy industry. It is characterized by light weight, easy operation, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance.
5.Hydraulic system adopts ABB motor, it is steady in operation and easy in maintenance. Pistons are made of steel #45 after surface specially processed to get better anti-wearing and high hardness performance.
6.Electric control cabinet adopts renowned electrical components, it can realize auto closing, auto opening, auto pressure maintaining and trouble-free operation.

oil filter machine
Plate filter
1.compact structure,small occupy area.

2.high filtering rate low consumption.

3.automatically rid off the oil dregs.

4.less maintains to reduce the labor.

5. High efficiency for filtering and washing;

6.Long service life.

plate filter
Plate filter


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