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Biodiesel plant

The raw materials that can be produced to biodiesel:
All kinds of vegetable oil,used cooking oil,waste oil,animal oil and so on.

biodiesel plant
Biodiesel plant

The process to produce biodiesel:
The most common method to produce biodiesel is transesterification reaction method.
Triglycerides,the predominant component in vegetable oils and fats,reacts with an alcohol (usually methanol) in the presence of a catalyst to fatty acid esters,whose physical and chemical properties is very similar to diesel oil fatty acid ester and even better.
The capacity that we can do is from 5 tons per day to 600 tons per day.

The advantage of biodiesel,which produced by our biodiesel plant:
1.high cetane value, combustion performance is better than diesel. Acidic combustion residues, and extended catalyst life of the engine.
2.cryogenic engine to start with a good performance.
3.lubrication performance, engine wear rate; high flash point, not classified as dangerous goods, transport storage and easy to use.
4.low sulfur content, low carbon residue burning, less exhaust particulates.
5.non-aromatic sources, can reduce the toxicity of 90% air, 94% lower cancer rates.
6.decomposition rate, less pollution.
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